Lawrence Eldon Wilson

January 6,1966

   Music has always been a major part of my life. Raised on the Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick Canada I first started playing gospel, country and folk music on an old chord organ at the age of 8. At the age of 15 I learned guitar. By this time I was playing mostly country and folk music. At the age of 19 (1985) I moved to Saint John, N.B. Canada. That was a major culture shock. I was introduced to such bands as OZZY, Iron Maiden, etc. I quickly learned alot of heavy metal. In 1986 I fell in love with the blues and learned all I could. In 1987 I was introduced to fusion (Joe Satriani) and dove into that genre.

   In 1991 I walked away from music and ran my own businesses for several years. In 2010 I got back into it. In 2013 my health failed and was forced to leave the work force. After leaving the hospital I started writing my own material based on life experiences.

   During my life and musical journey folk music has been a constant. My style reflects all the genres I learned in a folk setting, giving me a unique writing style and sound. This is evident in my soon to be released EP, "The Ride". It, like my shows, are a personal journey I love to share.

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